It is said that war is inhuman, but I have to disagree. War is vicious, immoral and heartless-true, but if anything it is one of the most human things that exists today. War satisfies a deep primal urge that very few other things can. Battle and fighting in general are very deeply inlaid into the human psyche, the primitive brain holds a certain hunger for the loss of life and pain of others. But modern man is said to have evolved past that. Instilling cutting edge technology to do the dirty deeds of trained madmen, we can sit back, breathe easy, and convince ourselves that we are not deeply relishing this sadistic feast of mortality. The excuses for carnage in 1945 were incendiary bombs. These were bombs filled with some sort of highly combustible chemical, usually napalm. With these, firestorms were invented. Firestorms consist of hundreds of incendiary bombs dropped from planes over a target. After the area catches fire, the air above the bombed area becomes extremely hot and rises rapidly. Cold air then rushes in at ground level from the outside and people are sucked into the fire. One of the most sadly unknown, yet most deadly of firestorms is Dresden during World War II. The Allies deliberately attacked Dresden in order to break the morale of the Germans.
It was claimed that the real reason behind the bombing of Dresden was the destruction of German's main communications center, but in reality it was a refuge. Dresden's normal population of 650,000 had most likely doubled in the ending months of the war. RAF commanders have said that the bombing was really to trap the German civilians inside, not allowing them to leave the country. Others have said it was to show the Russians how much firepower the British and the U.S. controlled. For whatever reason Dresden was destroyed on February 13th, 1945. 775 Avro Lancasters were sent from the Oboe ground station close behind the front line. 3,300 to


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