Disorder In School

Disorder in the schools is an ongoing problem in many high schools across the United States. Schools just don't get students ready for college. They make students think that high school is just like college, and they teach unnecessary classes that make students think that college is easy when it's not. The poor teaching skills in many high schools lead to students not being prepared for college.
George Will said, "Students incivilities include coming to classes late and leaving early, eating, conversing, reading newspapers, talking on cell phones, sleeping, watching portable televisions and directing verbal abuse toward teacher." The reason that he says this is because students think that just because they did these activities when they were in high school, that they can these same activities in college. Students quickly find out, however, that college and high school have very little in common. I came into myfirst semester of college with the idea that I could just skim through the text and listen in class and it would be just like high school. The reason I thought this way was because teachers in my high school always said college is not that much different from high school, but they were so very wrong. In college each class requires the students to study a minimum of two hours a day. In high school the material is not as complex, so it's easier reading which means it won't take as long. All four years of high school I had college entrance English classes, but when I got to college the writing format wasn't the same. In high school I had the basic five-paragraph essay with an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Power writing is another name for the type of essay that we did in high school withfirst of all, second of all, third of all, and lastly. This way of writing really never made any sense to me anyway, and now I know since I have been in col


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