Discussing the historical significance of Jerusalem

Discussing the historical significance of Jerusalem

Jerusalem holds quite a significant portion of religious history. Not only for Christians but Muslims and Jews as well. Jerusalem (in Hebrew called Yerushalayim; in Arabic Al Quds), is a city lying at the intersection of Israel and the West Bank, found between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea, about 50 kilometers southeast of the Israeli city of Tel Aviv-Yafo. Jerusalem is composed of two distinct sections: West Jerusalem and East Jerusalem. West Jerusalem, which is inhabited almost entirely by Jews, has been part of Israel since Israel was established in 1948. Jordan between 1949 and the Six-Day War of 1967 held East Jerusalem, which has a large Palestinian Arab population and recently constructed Jewish areas. During the war, East Jerusalem was captured by Israel, which has administered it since. Israel claims that all of Jerusalem is its capital, but Palestinians dispute the claim and the United Nations has not recognized it as such.
Jerusalem is Holy to the Arab part of the East because of the Dome of the Rock. The Dome of The Rock is supposedly the place where Muhammad, the centre figure of Islam, rose to heaven with the angel Gabriel and spoke with God. When he came down he started to preach the new religion Islam. The City of Jerusalem is Holy for the Christians because that is the place where Jesus, the Son of God, preached his beliefs and died in Jerusalem. Finally the city of Jerusalem is Holy for the Jews because it is their political and religious centre since biblical times. Also the Jews have the Wailing Wall, on the east side of the city, which they consider very important to their religion.
It is interesting that Jerusalem is also known as the city of three Sabbaths, the Muslim, which is a Friday, the Jewish, which is on Saturday, and the Christian, which as we all know is on Sunday.
In the Arab-Israeli war (1948) the city of Jerusalem was divided in two p…

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