Differences Between the Antifederalists and Federalists

The Articles of Confederation stirred up many problems between the states. The antifederalists, or people who opposed a strong federal government, came into quarrel with the federalists, who favored a strong federal government. The federalists differ from the anti-federalists in terms of social, economic, and political expression.
Many differences arose between the federalists and the antifederalists concerning social issues. First of all, the antifederalists were from the poorer classes, while the federalists were from higher, more aristocratic classes. Antifederalists mainly consisted of uneducated people who made up the working class. Federalists, however, were aristocratic people who were cultured and well educated. Also, many popular figures were in conflict with one another, due to their antifederalist or federalist beliefs. Patrick Henry, a famous patriot and lawyer, provided support for the antifederalists. Being from Virginia, the largest and most populous of the states, Patrick Henry was a powerful figure. On the other hand, George Washington, James Madison, and John Marshall were all in support of the federalist side. James Madison, along with John Jay and Alexander Hamilton, wrote The Federalist, a group of propaganda essays written for the New York newspapers.
Besides social differences, economic differences also widened the gap between the antifederalists and the federalists. The poor antifederalists were in conflict with the rich federalists. Antifederalists, for instance, consisted of people who were in debt. The debtors feared a strong central government would make they pay off their debts. Also, antifederalists also did not want the states to establish laws regarding tariffs and navigation. Antifederalists were poor; therefore, they created worthless money to pay off their debts. On the other hand, the federalists were wealthy people who were of noble birth. They immensely disagreed with the antifederalist act…


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