De-colonization began with the British colonists in the United States who declared independence in 1776. Most of Latin America gained independence a few decades later. De-colonization continued through the mid-1970s, mostly in Asia and Africa, until almost no European colonies remained. Most of the newly independent states have faced tremendous challenges and difficulties in the post-colonial era. The stability and harmony of de-colonized countries are not guaranteed once the countries are left to the hands of indigenous people. Colonies were flourishing under the colonial administrative government which creates bureaucratic, legislative and educative filters that guarantees indigenous interest. Through law, politics, policy and culture brought by colonizers, the indigenous reproduce themselves while legitimizing and rectifying their origins. Along with an adequate and appropriate government system, both colonial and indigenous realities can contribute to the future shape and nature of the nation state. Economic investment by the administrating power directly benefits the inhabitants of a given region (Guarini n.p.). Suitable structures in the field of credit and savings have been set up successfully in colonies and this has managed to organize and support the production of goods necessary to the economic equilibrium of the region. By meeting the demands of the people, a higher standard of living is achieved. All citizens benefit from security arrangements when the territories host colonial security forces (Plunkett n.p.). It is guaranteed that the colony will be protected by the armed forces available if there ever is a case of war. This is possible as every state has a right and obligation to defend its colonies (Cunningham n.p.). The people of a majority of the territories no longer view, if they ever did, the activities of foreign economic interest or the presence of military installations on their territory as detrimental to their…


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