Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence has served many purposes throughout the last two and a half centuries.It is a foundation for new ideas such as civil rights.The phrase " All men are created equal" is a legacy that our country pursues daily.The Declaration of Independence is a strong national symbol; it is something that makes our country what it is.Little did Jefferson know the effect his words would have on the country, even hundreds of years later.The Declaration of Independence served its purpose well to Jefferson as a propaganda piece, helping to spread ideas and implore the people to think of freedom as a necessity.
The Declaration was originally intended as a propaganda piece.Thomas Jefferson as well as the other Patriot colonists felt mature enough in their colonization to survive on their own.They felt that it would be more beneficial to the colonies as a whole to break free of the mother country.England was no longer necessary for the survival and prosperity of New England.However, they could not gain independence on their own.They needed the help of the other American colonies, knowing that strength lies in numbers, and also that they would need sources of trade to achieve long term success."An inspirational appeal was also needed to enlist other English colonies in the Americas, to invite assistance from foreign nations, and to rally resistance at home" (American Pageant 147).The patriots needed their voice to be heard if they intended to take action.Jefferson was able to voice it in a way that made it appealing to the majority.He tied it personally to the colonists by reminding them that they were subject to persecution by the English monarch, King George III."He has refused to assent to laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good"(American Pageant A1)."He has erected a multitude of new officers, and sent hither swarms


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