DC Sniper

The mystery of why, how, and who are all questions that needs to be answered. People are scared and want these mysteries to end, so that they can go back to living without fear. The shootings need to stop.
The possibilities of who could be the "D.C. Sniper" are endless, but when Ifirst thought about it, terrorists were thefirst suspect I look to for an answer. It seemed to be the easiest group of people to put the blame on, because the killings were so random and it was circa the nation's capital, the only two pieces of evidence that I had to go on. As I listened to the news for the next week, I realized that not even the cops had a lead to go on, so I definitely didn't know who to suspect. It could be anyone.
The number of killings has grown to nine and eleven have been shot by the so called "D.C. Sniper" without motivate. That is the scariest thing about it, we don't know his reasons. No motivate killings strike me as terrifying. A person killing another person with a reason, even though still not right, gives the public a sort of a conclusion to why.
The media's coverage of the shootings have been as detailed as possible, they have been covering it 24 hours a day. The media can only receive half of the story though, because the police can not leek out details to the shooter. The police probably have tons of information that is not permitted to be released and all of the students surveyed at Elon agree with me. And believe that it is a good idea that the police do so. The "D.C. Sniper" could be watching the Television and maybe use the information to his advantage. The media is doing as good of a job, on covering the shootings, as possible. But the question should be asked, why the media is hyping and publicizing the shootings as much as they are. People are starting to get paranoid and afraid to do certain things outside of their homes in the Washington D.C


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