After the creation of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the United States of America was in need of a set of governing regulations and a structured government.Theirfirst attempt resulted in the creation of The Articles of Confederation.To a small extent, The Articles of Confederation were effective in solving the many problems that follow a new nation.This can be greatly attributed to political, social, and economic factors as well as military and westward expansion attempts.Being thefirst attempt at a governing set of rules, the Articles were sure to have their flaws.
While the Articles of Confederation were partially effective in the issues addressing economics, they did contain many topics that were rather unhelpful.Despite the fact that the government itself could not collect taxes, states were able to tax amongst themselves in their own states.This does not really promote a'unified' country, and it did not help the country in surviving in any way at all either.The States as a whole would have gone broke, unless a substantial amount of donations had been made.The Articles of Confederation also addressed the problems of wars and expenses being paid from a'pool' of money collected from all of the states.Trying to prevent the problem of a national debt, this was not the best set up for the new nation.Although it was a unified attempt at it, it was sort of a tax on the states, which was not allowed under the Articles of Confederation.Through out the Articles of Confederation, many contradicting statements other than this one can be found.
In regarding political factors, foreign relations and diplomacy were centered upon in the Articles of Confederation, and were rather fair, and effective in expressing what the states and the country could do. It was quiet proper at the time for states to not be able to have their own treaties, and partak


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