David Walker on Liberation from Slavery

David Walker led a radical life characterized by devout zealousness in voicing slavery as atrocious and striving for ultimate manumission for his brethren. Walker’s mother was free from slavery that meant David was also free. According to North Carolina law during slavery, children inherited the status of their mother. The fact that David was a free man magnifies his love for his African brethren by spending most of his life as an educated abolitionist. “He assisted the Underground Railroad and was known to provide money and clothes to people coming to town who had successfully evaded capture” (Turner 12). Walker’s charismatic personality aided him in extending his sincere, heartfelt thoughts, ideas and observations to his fellow brethren. He approached the topic of liberation from slavery by writing the Appeal. He wrote to enlighten the minds of African Americans focusing on issues of the avaricious, white American who practiced tyrannical iniquity that has afflicted his brethren for hundreds of years. David Walker’s approach of liberation from slavery has advantages and disadvantages insofar that it depends on the reader’s status and worldview. Furthermore and hypothetically speaking, the reader is a slave owner than consequently, they would be extremely agitated with Walker and want him killed, hence a disadvantage to Walker’s approach. On the contrary, suppose a slave, although illegal for African Americans to read, gathered the information comprised in the Appeal. As a result, the Appeal would instill the servilities with a fiery motivation to diminish the ignorance and yearn to be free, hence an advantage to Walker’s approach.
Disadvantages to Walker’s approach most definitely came into effect when the Appeal made it into the hands of the white, slave owner. In 1826, Walker resided in Boston owning a small shop where he sold clothes. Apparently, Walker would sew a copy of the Appeal into the clothes he sold, so the literature …


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