Current Third Parties

All throughout the American history of politics there have been two major parties, the Republicans and the Democrats.While most people can find a candidate from these groups who have the beliefs and ideals they look for in a candidate, there are always some people who want someone else to represent them in the presidential race.When enough interest is found, a third party is formed.These third parties have been a big part of American political history.
Originally called the Association of State Green Parties, the Green Party was formed after the 1996 elections to fill a space in national Green politics.The American Green Party’s platform is based on the following ten major ideals including ecological wisdom, community-based economics, grassroots democracy, decentralization, gender equality, personal and social responsibility, respect for diversity, nonviolence, global responsibility, and future focus.Greens are renewing democracy without the support of business donors.Initially, the party;s goal was to help existing state parties grow and to promote the development of parties in all 50 states. The primary goal is still helping state parties, but also, they try to devote attention to establishing a national conservational presence in politics and policy debate while continuing to facilitate party growth and action at the state and local level.
American Taxpayer Party presidential representative Howard Phillips was seen on the ballot in twenty-one states in 1992.Mr. Phillips again ran in 1996, this time appearing on ballots in thirty-nine states.At its national convention in 1999, the party officially changed its name to the Constitution Party and again chose Howard Phillips as its presidential candidate for 2000.The Constitution Party favors a government based a strict interpretation of the Constitution and the principals expressed in it by the Founding Fathers.They support a government limited in capaci…


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