Current Events- Final Exam

Final Exam
For a very long time peace has been seriously disturbed in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Maoist rebels, also know as the Communist Party of Nepal, have been raging against certain affairs for many years now, and the Nepalists are tired of this horrific violence in their streets. The Maoist rebels fight mainly to overthrow Nepal's constitutional monarchy. Only in 2001, these violent rebels have already killed 1,300 people… Imagine the situation now.
These rebels are not merciful when they pick their preys. Among there history we see quite frequently that they have killed children, teenagers, and elder ones. Also, in about March 20th, 1998, the rebels killed a headmaster in a school, and killed one policeman while they were at it. Maoist rebels also raided a camp of Spanish trekkers in a very small district in north Nepal, and took more than 1,000 dollars in belongings and cash. Only in November 1998, the rebels clashed with seven districts, resulting in nine deaths. At every moment, the rebels intensified their armed campaign against monarchy.
In June 1st, there was the famous massacre, in which nine people of the royal family were murdered. So, the Maoist rebels were annoyed because they thought that there weren't enough facts to prove Crown Prince Dipendra was guilty. Due to many sadistic behaviors coming from the Maoists, the Nepalist government had to declare a state of emergency recently, in November 26th, which more than 100 were reported dead.So, the country took this drastic decision so that the armed forces could organize themselves to fight against the rebels.


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