Culture of the 1930’s and 1940’s

Some of the following are the great sporting events during World War II.When the war
started in 1939 Indiana was the NCAA was the nation college basketball champion.When the
war ended in 1945 Oklahoma A&M were the champions.There were no NBA champions during
the war because the NBA wasn't even started till one year after the war in 1946.The World
Series champions in 1939 were New York Yankees.When the war ended in 1945, the Detroit
Tigers were the champions.These were the important sporting events of this time period.
The following are some of the fashions of the time period 1939-1945.The rural men of
United States are wearing overalls and T-shirts when they are not dressed up.When they dress
up the men are wearing white pants and white shoes with a nice shirt.The women are wearing
big full skirts with big blouses.The city people are wearing a little different type of clothing.The
man slacks and a buttoned down shirt.The women are wearing dresses that have a collar at the
top of them.These are some of the fashions that existed during this time period.
Gender roles during World War II were very different from other time periods before.
Since there were so many men fighting across the world, factories needed workers so they hired
women to work at the factories while the men were away.While men were gone, the women
made all the decisions in the household unlike anytime before World War II.Also, older men that
couldn't fight in the army were doing jobs that younger men usually did.Most women found
their new independence very different from anything else.Women liked it and when the men
came back, they didn't want to give it up so easy.This led to more women in the work force for
Education in the 1940’s was important, but not to the level of importance that it is today.


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