Culture Clashes in Early America

Diversity is a subject that has brought much education to America and is accepted nearly everywhere today.In early colonization, however, diversity was something to be purged. Many prejudiced beliefs separated the colonists and their colonies by race, religion, and even sexes. Political power was singled out to those who had the correct genes, but not necessarily the right mind. Many avoidable, but devastating mistakes were made. Although some people still believe that the culture clashes were the Indians or the European's fault, the fault belonged to all involved. These cultural clashes were the result of several centuries of prejudiced criticism due to self-image, religious beliefs and views about land ownership.
Self-image was an important factor in the culture clashes of early America. The Native Americans, for the most part, saw themselves as innocent victims. According to Wahunsonacock, Powhatan Confederacy, the Indians were unarmed and harmless, and freely willing to give whatever the Europeans wanted. The European's took advantage of this submission and overpowered the Indians as much as they possibly could. The Spaniards believed in their superiority over other cultures, considering theirs a "civilized" society. Almost all the European's tried to suppress those who were willing, thinking that the Indians were the inferior race. Spanish missions were placed in Florida, the Southwest, and California to convert and work the Indians. Religion also played a major impact on the self-image of the early colonists. The European's religions were similar and yet they were ready to fight to the death about minor details. They couldn't look past the differences to see that everyone is human, no matter how different they look or act.
Difference in religion is one of the broadest categories responsible for the culture clashes. The main reason is that most Europeans were unable to even consider th


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