Culture is defined as: the knowledge that is learned, shared, and used by people to interpret experience and generate behavior. Cultural anthropologists work on explaining "learned behavior" of different cultures and societies.Ethnography is a branch of anthropology that deals with discovering and describing specific cultures.When going into a specific culture to learn, one must observe the members of the culture and try to get an "insider's" view or experience.The main goal of ethnography is to learn another way of life, through the person who is living it.Through ethnography you are to go into a culture blind not knowing anything, and once engulfed in this culture and the people you learn their way of life.In ethnography you "learn from people", instead of "studying people"
Cultural behavior is what people do.It is something people do in common without even realizing it.The example that was given in the Conformity and Conflict, was reading.People read everything they see; advertisements, articles, magazines, anything.It is part of our culture to read.Cultural artifacts are the things people make and use.For example, referring to the reading people make and produce things for us to read.There is writing on a box of cereal, writing on billboards, books, etc.All of these things (these cultural artifacts) were made, for us to show our cultural behavior.Cultural knowledge is what people know.There are things that people must know in order to engage in this cultural behavior and to use these cultural artifacts.Some of this knowledge is inborn, but most of it we are required to learn along the way.For example, we must learn how to read before we can pick up a book and read it.Cultural behavior, cultural artifacts, and cultural knowledge are all inter-linked together, because without one the other two would not be possible.


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