Cultural Revolution: Desaster and Distruction

“Marxism consists of thousands of truths, but these truths can be summarized in the statement: It is right to rebel against reactionaries” Mao Zedong
Although Mao Zedong is known for bringing together the people of China before, during, and after the Chinese communist revolution, he actually caused mass economic disaster and was responsible for the death of tens of millions of innocent people. Mao had several good ideas that can be rationalized to some extent such as the Hundred Flowers Campaign and the Great Leap Forward. However, these Campaigns turned our for the worst.
As a child Mao enjoyed the life of a rich peasant family. There was always enough to eat and a warm house and his parents could afford a good education for him (Major 49). In 1911, while in his mid-twenty’s, Mao joined the Revolutionary Army in Hunan Province where he served for many years (Britannica 805). In 1919, while attending Peking University, Mao took part in the May Fourth Movement. The May Fourth Movement was inspired by the Treaty of Versailles because under the Treaty the Chinese land taken by the Germans was not to be returned to China, but instead it was to be given to the Japanese. The news reached China on May Second and two days later students all across the country were protesting it. Mao and fellow students felt that they had been let down by their government because they had stood by and done nothing about the situation (Major 75). This event was thefirst time that Mao took up arms against his government, a trend that was sure to continue.
In 1921 Mao, still dissatisfied with the Chinese government, grouped together several friends and personal supporters and formed the Chinese Communist Party (Major 53). The Communist Party was secret for a few years but then Cheng Kai Shek took Power in China and formed the Nationalists Party. Cheng Kai Shek started to take over all of China and in 1927 Mao started to organize guerilla parties to figh…


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