Cultural Geography: Cultural Landscape

Cultural landscape is the true definition of all of the terms to be defined in this paper.The definition of a term is not supposed to contain the same word being defined; however in this case, all five terms can be summed under the main definition of cultural landscape.Given this improper method of defining terms, cultural landscape will be defined appropriatelyfirst with the remaining terms being defined following (Rubenstein, 2002).The five terms are cultural region, cultural diffusion, cultural ecology, cultural integration, and cultural landscape.
As it applies to this paper, cultural landscape is the human geographers' term for perspective on the location of humans, their resources, significant geographic landmarks, socio-economic status, belief systems, and why they evolved to what they are today.There are many other factors that are a part of the definition of cultural landscape.The focus will be on the aforementioned terms.
The human landscape is quite varied, similar, consistent, and inconsistent all at the same time.This may seem impossible with such contradictory descriptions, however when history is examined, every kind of person is there.In other words, if an alien came to earth to study humans, one over-riding statement would continuously pop up."They are consistently inconsistent."Earth has many pockets of people that congregate based on a few beliefs yet contain conglomerations of ideas not related to each other.When examining these as a whole, there is such overlap in all of the areas that human geographers study that no one thing can truly define a one and only culture.At the very least, it would be very difficult to define.
When considering the human landscape, one area to be considered is the cultural region.Cultural region is a region delineated by the aggregation of a common culture such as religion or language.Culture is the sum of beliefs and social form.There a…


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