Cultural essay

Living two different life styles is not easy but it is a big experience of my life.From this experience, I have learned much the reality of life and which has made me strong from my heart.I lived in India for 14 years since the day I was born.The change in my life began when I moved to America.Thefirst problem I faced was lack of English knowledge, butfirst two years of school had a big impact on my life with unforgettable experiences.Difference in culture, religion, and festivals helped me learn more stuff.Coming to United States had made me strong facing the problem, and gave me some freedom.
When I came to America, I gave 100 percent of my attention into learning English.I knew only alphabets and greetings when I lived in India.I remember applying for English tutoring classes, in India, but didn't make it through because I could not say simple sentence like, "Open the curtain."I asked my self a question, "How and when will I learn English?"However, before I knew, I could talk, read, and write in English because of the hard work that I put into learning English.I tried talking with my cousins in English, and they helped me correct my mistakes.I studied very hard and spent so much time to get extra help.A learned somewhat English by watching TV because it helped me understand the conversation between two people and helps me learn new vocabulary. Therefore, coming to America has increased my knowledge of learning new languages like English and Spanish.
Thefirst day of school in America was exciting and scary.I was excited to meet new people, see how the school system worked, and I wanted to know what kind of class, and teachers I would have.It was thefirst time I had ever ridden on the bus.When I was in India, I went to school on my bicycle.
I did not like the idea of not wearing uniforms because I did not know the fashion trend.I was afraid that people woul…


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