Cultural differences between England and Poland

Cultural similarities and differences between Poland and England on basis of the book
"The Bed and Breakfast Star" by Jacqueline Wilson
If one travelled around the world, trying to point out all the cultural similarities and differences between particular countries and regions they would get lost. It is natural that each community has its own specific behaviour and habits. It is obvious that in some areas of our lives we will always differ. Surprisingly, when it comes to sad events we all act the same. When we loose person we care about we often have no hope for better future, get depressed and loose contact with the reality.
One of the most difficult things for woman is to be a single mother. When she isabandoned by a partner she tries as hard as she can to rise their child in the appropriate conditions. She tries to be independent and successful. However in the beginning it is not simple. In Poland a woman who has a baby has a lot of problems with finding a job. Employers think that she will not dedicate herself to work and will be trying to get as much free time as it is possible. What is more, social donations from the government are not high enough to pay for house, buy some food or clothes. In England finding a place to work is easier for woman. She doesn't have to worry about her child because there are a lot of babysitters who can take care of it for not big money. In addition government helps those women financially so that they live up to standard.However, no matter in which country she is,being all by herself, woman doesn't feel completely fulfilled so sooner or later she finds another man to live with. Together they try to build a real family. They get married and theoretically should live a happy and peaceful life. Problems start when another child appears. From that moment everything changes. The daughter that a woman had before starts to be less important to the man. He doesn't acc…


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