Cultural Assimilation

Each year federal quotas permit a percentage of immigrants to migrate to the United States.The land of freedom and justice has opened its doors to those who seek new options and better opportunities.This is seen more in Miami-Dade County than in most American cities.Miami is developing and emerging into a dynamic and multicultural metropolis rather rapidly.The issue at hand is what occurs once residency is obtained in Miami-Dade County."As new immigrants increasingly concentrate in native-born minority neighborhoods, interaction among different ethnic groups becomes both more frequent and more important" (Stepick).The rise of immigrant population affects education, sub cultural associations, and different native-born mindsets in which stereotypes for future generations are established.
"By age fifteen, substantial numbers of immigrant and native-born youth are at risk of reaching adulthood unable to adequately meet the requirements of the workplace, the commitments of relationships in families and with friends, and the responsibilities of participation in a democratic society…These youth are among the estimated seven million young people – one in four adolescents – who are extraordinarily vulnerable to school failure and multiple high-risk behaviors" (Stepick).A very important factor of academic achievement is determined by student's educational orientation, the student's perception that education is or is not a path to success.Unfortunately, many native-born and immigrant school children underachieve, drop out, and fail to pursue higher education. "Previous research has concentrated on why native minority students tend to adopt an adversarial academic orientation, while immigrant students incline toward a positive academic orientation" (Stepick). As immigrants concentrate in native minority neighborhoods, interaction among different ethnic groups becomes more frequent and i…


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