Cuban Revolution

The Cuban Revolution of the 1950's was a big part of history in the 20th century.Cuba was thefirst Latin American country to start a communist style of government, thefirst to go against the United States of America and thefirst to ally with the Soviet Union.The main leader of this revolution was Fidel Castro, who is still the leader of Cuba today.The document of have chosen as the basis for my paper is the, "Creeping Revolt", this article was published January 7, 1957 by Time magazine.It was published right around the time in which Fidel Castro and his group of revolutionaries who were called the "26th of July Movement" because that is the day Fidel Castro led an attack on the Moncada army barracks. The Castro or Cuban revolution was not widely reported because the leader of Cuba at the time, President Batista, tried to keep the revolution secret so that all the other countries would think that Cuba was not in any danger of rebels taking the whole country over.The Cuban Revolution led the way for other Latin American countries to try and rid the American influence from their country.Fidel Castro and the "26th of July Movement" also showed the effectiveness of guerilla warfare and this type of fighting was adopted by many rebels around the world, for better or worse.Fidel Castro brought Cuban nationalism into his fight for freedom and justice and this is why much of the Cuban public supported him at the time of his Revolution.The Cuban Revolution shows what a small group of rebels can do when they have a charismatic leader along with a determined group of followers, who were willing to risk their lives for Castro's cause.
The document, "Creeping Revolt" was obviously done with little material because American journalists were not in Cuba at the time because of the intense danger involved with reporting there.Time Magazine wouldn't have been the most reli…


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