Cuban missile crisis

The U.S. had feared the worst with the Cuban Missile Crisis, a nuclear attack. The Soviets were not necessarily planning on using the missiles just to go ahead and begin a war with the U.S.It was merely set up as a tactic to keep the U.S. out of Cuba and to leave Castro and his government alone mainly in response to the Bay of Pigs.The Bay of Pigs had seriously backfired one year earlier when the U.S. attempted to help exiled Cubans back into Cuba to overthrow Castro and his regime.Some Americans supported the removal of Castro from office in Cuba while others saw it as unnecessary affairs for America to get involved with.If the Soviets really wanted to engage in war with the U.S. then they would not have just taken their missiles back just like that when all Kennedy did was announce that he would never invade Cuba.
Kennedy met with Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko in which Gromyko said that the aid the Soviets were giving Cuba was solely for the purpose of contributing to the defense of Cuba and nothing else.Kennedy responded with a statement that was said just about a month earlier which included that the U.S. would not tolerate weapons in Cuba.
Thefirst letter that Soviet Premier Khrushchev sent to Kennedy stated that he would have Soviet missiles in Cuba removed if Kennedy would announce publicly never to invade Cuba.After no response, that very next day Khrushchev sent an additional letter to Kennedy this time stating that he would remove the Soviet missiles in Cuba if Kennedy agreed to remove U.S. missiles from Turkey.Kennedy responded to Khrushchev by saying that he would announce not to invade Cuba.Khrushchev then announced that Soviet missiles in Cuba would be removed. This was important in which Kennedy did not have to move the U.S. missiles in Turkey by responding to Khrushchev'sfirst letter only of just publicly announcing to never invade Cuba.
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