Cuban Embargo

Since 1962 there has been an embargo on Cuba.Within the last 40 years we have seen the Cuban way of life turn into absolute poverty and a struggle.Cuba's economy has done nothing but fall into an absolute depression, which shows no change in the way it's heading.Other countries also disagree with the embargo and believe that it should be lifted.With the embargo in affect we have accomplished nothing, considering that their government has not changed and the tyrant Fidel Castrol is still in power. Therefore after 40 years it is time to lift the unilateral economic sanctions put against Cuba.
One of the worst things about the embargo against Cuba is that it ruins the lives of people that had nothing to do with why the embargo was placed on Cuba.The people have been held against their will since Castro overthrew Batistia.Though Cuba does have better education and health-care systems then other Latin American countries it has all been under an authoritarian communist government that has allowed little dissent. . The embargo is harmful primarily to ordinary citizens, not to Castro or his government, critics say (Serrano & Lehtinen 1). Because of the embargo, some say, there is not enough food or medicine on the island. In March 1997, the American Association for World Health issued a report concluding that the embargo had “dramatically harmed the health and nutrition of large numbers of ordinary Cuban citizens."For example, Cubans cannot get many of the most up-to-date prescription medicines, because a high proportion of important new drugs come from U.S. pharmaceutical companies (Cuban Embargo 3). The embargo also limits access to chemicals needed to treat unsafe drinking water. Allowing humanitarian groups to send donated goods to Cuba, the group says, is insufficient. “Charity is an inadequate alternative to free trade in medicines, medical supplies and food,” the report concluded.Since the embargo, Cas…


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