Prior to thefirst crusade Europe was emerged in problems. Feudalism was strong, the population was growing and with the millennium approaching, a fear the world would end.With these problems and the uproar of religion, meant that words from powerful man could assemble an army, and change history. The French Pope Urban gave the announcement of change; he called for a religious pilgrimage and a recapture of the holy land. He also wanted to create safe routes to the Holy Land along with unifications of eastern and western Catholics.
Thefirst crusade was the most successful; men of all walks of life joined the call to arms. Not all the crusaders were in one large army; the men were in different groups and commanded by different leaders. Some groups were made up of peasants and some with trained knights. The warriorsfirst took the city of Nicaea on their way to Antioch. Antioch was surrounded by a wall and heavily fortified. The crusaders eventual broke threw the walls and massacred the Muslims.Now that the army has taken more land they grow impatient and want to conquer Jerusalem.
On June 7 1099 the Crusading army camped in front of Jerusalem with roughly thirteen thousand men. At this time the crusaders were running out of supplies and desperately waiting for relief vessels. A well-supplied and confident Egyptian's force occupied Jerusalem. On July 13 and 14 the Christians attacked and easily scaled the walls. The governor surrendered and was escorted out of the city, while all the men, woman and children where slaughtered inside Jerusalem's walls. After three years the goals of the Pope were complete.
After the conquest, Jerusalem was rebuilt into a Christian settlement with new schools and churches. The territory was soon turned into a Feudalistic state similar to Western Europe and was always under siege by Muslim forces.Soon the next wave of crusades will follow to secure the area. The


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