Contributions of early Mesopatamian cultures

Many ancient civilizations have contributed to our lives today.The ancient civilizations
the phoecians, assyrians,hebrews, and the Egyptians made many contributions to history.
The Phoecians settled along the coast in north africa.The were a sea bearing
cutlture so naturally there merchant population was large.The phoecians are creditted as
being one of the greatest sea traidng cultures in history.The exported many products
such aslumber, glass, copper, and bronze utensils.The phoecians also discovered the
fisrst alphabet.This alphabet consisted of letters and shapes.This helped the Phoecians
to carrry on better business and communicate with there coastal neighbors.This alphabet
was adopted by the greeks and becamse there language.this was a hugh contrubution to
the romance languages and the others civilizations Europe.
The syrians empire developed in ninth century B.C.Assyria was settled in a bad
position,leaving them succpetable to easy attack from all directions.This mad the
assyrians a very militaruistic culture.They had carfully planned military startegies to
conquer nations.They invented many new weoponry and armor such as the wheeled
battering ram, shields and armor weileded with iron, and charging chariots.This
weaponry and armor was far superior to many surrounding ciilizations of Syria.The
syrian battle tactics and superd armor and weoponry contributed and new level of military
which was adoped by many upcoming empires.
The hebrews were thefirst monotheistic culture of there time.The Hebrews
settled in palestine in the twelft century. Most cicvilizations believed in many different
gods who represent everything.The ancients books of hebrew culture are hisyorical
today.the Old testament is know for its 39 books.Five of which,
Genisis,exodus,leviticus, Numbers and Deutoronomy are the most recognized.These
books talked of one god.On…


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