Contibution vs status among women in the world war

Has the status of women in Canada matched their contribution to the Canadian society? While the men where off in Germany the women had to do all of the men's jobs. After a while the women were aloud to enlist in the war. After the war many women had lost all of the accomplishments that they had gotten through out the war. Have women got the gratitude that they deserved through out the war and their contribution to Canada.
During WWI and WWII many women had to "fill in" on job's that were considered for men. Most women were being paid less and almost always had men for bosses. Although it was still there, the social division between men and women was slowly disappearing. Women were doing an extremely good job "filling in" on men's jobs.
Through out WWII women were starting to be aloud to enlist in the military and other jobs of those types. Most all of the women that were enlisted in CWAAF, CWAC and WRCNS were ignored until the solder shortage. Through out the wars many of the trades grew for the women of Canada. In May 1944 CWAC was finally aloud to go to war for Canada. There was much triumph for the women solders of Canada.
Although their were many triumphs through out the two wars, there were also many set backs for Canadian women after the wars. Most Canadian women were expected to just quite their jobs and go back to "women's work". The equality barrier that had kept Canadian women from Working had come rushing back. After the wars many were fired from their jobs to make room for the male veterans that came back from the war. After the Two wars there were many setbacks for all women in Canada.
I do not believe that the Canadian women of the past have gotten enough gratitude for their contributions that they have made to Canada in WWI and WWII. Although the social divisions between men and women were fading they were still there


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