Cold War

There are many reasons why the cold war would start and different politicians and historians have different views on it. For example, Hans J. Morgenthau, Thomas G. Paterson, and Gabriel and Kolko, all had different views on how the cold war all started.
Morgenthau said that the USSR and the United States disagreements started the cold war. He said that the Soviets did not want to be allies with the Unites States anymore, but that the soviets wanted to expand their territory. And that brought upon some problems, which lead to the cold war.
Diplomatic and military confrontation between the U.S. and USSR were used to justify the Cold War and establishment of NATO, but the underlying issues were economic. As pointed out by historians Joyce and Gabriel Kolko. They believed that the Unites States also had a great deal with the cold war.Unites State was mostly concerned with its trade and businesses. America wanted to trade with any country with no restrictions.Economy was very important to America at this time.
Historian Thomas G. Paterson also had different views about the cold war. He did not believe that the cause of the cold war was based around the economic factor of things. But he did believe that American did have a big impact on the start of the cold war. Paterson stated the importance of the long-standing Soviet anti-capitalist and American anti-Communist sentiments.
Like many historians I also have my own view of why I believe the cold war occurred. I think that there are many reasons why the cold war would occur. It is not something that just happened suddenly, there must have been lots of different situations that sparked the cold war.
I believe that the Cold War began as a result of suspicions that the democratic west had about the USSR and vice versa. In addition to the relations between the major powers got worse at the end of the Second World War. Furthermore there were some economic origins as Gab


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