Cold War

In the aftermath of WWII, the international context war very particular: the war has bled Europe dry and the continent was thus to be rebuilt. The world was divided into two hostile camps: the West side, under the aegis of the USA and which gathered democratic countries and was politically, economically and military biding. On the other part, there was the East side, with the Soviet Union and satellite nations gathered by communism.
At this time, the Union Soviet leaded an expansion policy which threatened several free states like Greece and Turkey. Further more, the Soviet Union tested successfully its own atomic bombin 1949.
Now the world has entered a new area named the Cold War because both owned the ultimate weapon but none will hopefully dare to use it.
Albert Einstein, probably one of the greatest scientist of the twentieth century, took an important place in the debate about the consequences of the atomic bomb discovery. In his famous article ,"The Real Problem is in the Hearts of Men" published in the NY Times, he proposed to install a world government in which he saw the only chance for a durable peace. In this article, Einstein argued that mankind was in great danger if another world war had to break out because the use of nuclear bombs would be dramatic. As he said "rifle bullets kill men, but atomic weapon kill cities".
He also insisted on the fact that with the discovery of the atomic bomb the world was entered in a new area (the Nuclear Age) and all nations and above all the USA should be aware of these new situation because "nuclear weapon can destroy civilization".
So to live in a safe world, Einstein suggested the United Nations to create a world government which would guarantee the world peace. He has an actual little faith in military efforts to prevent nuclear war: "our defence is in law and order".
In the following years, he and other famous scientists inten


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