Civil war

After Abraham Lincoln's election, South Carolina began the precedent of secession from the Union that the rest of the Confederate States followed, but the Civil War did not begin with this incident.It began in South Carolina at Fort Sumter when Abraham Lincoln decided to maintain the fort as part of the Union's holdings, and Jefferson Davis, of the Confederacy decided to take it.This became the initial conflict that started the bloodiest American war.The way in which both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis handled this affair is debatable to its effectiveness and importance for either side.Both had ways to look upon this situation with pride and contempt.
To Lincoln occupying Fort Sumter and keeping it among Union holdings was important for strategic and symbolic purposes.It strategic importance, is stated by the Charleston Mercury, "Border southern States will never join us until we have indicated our power to free ourselves–until we have proven that a garrison of seventy men cannot hold the portal of our commerce."This shows two key factors surround the fort.Thefirst is that by having this presence it would keep the border states on the side of the Union because it did not give in to Confederate demands.The fort also served as an important southern trade center.By occupying it, the South was denied access to the outside world.In Lincoln'sfirst inaugural address he stated that, "No state uponits own mere motion can lawfully get out of the Union."The occupation of the fort represented Lincoln's perspective that the South was technically still part of the Union, despite what they say.By maintaining the last Northern stronghold in the South, it was a token gesture of the illegitimacy of the Confederacy.
Despite the positive consequences of maintaining the fort, there was logic to abandoning Fort Sumter and letting the South have it.By abandoning it, lives wo…


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