Civil War

The constitutional issues that pushed the civil war to happen were because of a big population growth; it caused many problems. Various sections of the country were divided by different economies and different ways of life. This gave rise to serious differences of opinion about the proper role of the nation and the states.The issue of slavery intensified these disagreements. Slavery was banned in many places, especially the west and Midwest, but slavery was still going strong down south. One huge issue was that the north wasn't into slavery and the south wanted slavery to be allowed everywhere. This was one of the main reasons the civil war was even discussed. Another big "supposed" reason of the civil war was Dred Scott case against his past owner. The case afflicted a huge argument between the north and the south about slavery and freedom. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected president in on of the nations most important elections. "The election was marked by the controversy about slavery." Abe was all about the abolition of slavery but the south said that if he stops slavery we would create our own union. They would have called the Confederate States of America. Of course, Lincoln denied the secession. This led to what is now called the Civil War. There were many casualties to this battle but as everyone knows the north did win, but did it fix anything? Not much.
I believe the war did solve some problems but I would never say it solved all because it didn't. The main reason of the war was to stop slavery and it didn't do that. The only reason slavery stopped at all was because of Abe Lincoln. Only 5 days after is when he announced the Emancipation Proclamation. This meant that all enslaved Africans in states or parts of states still in the rebellion on Jan 1,1563,"shall be then, henceforward, and forever be free." So Abraham Lincoln finally did it, he stopped slavery forever, and cau…


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