In Medieval times, nights went by a code called chivalry. Chivalry was the order of knighthood and the code of knightly behavior.Many of the tenets of Chivalry were displayed throughout the Arthurian legend."The Lady of the Lake and Excalibur" displayed such aspects of chivalric code.The great King Arthur even though young and foolish began to exemplify these tenets of chivalry such as: loyalty, generous treatment of foes, and fearlessness.
Loyalty was present in two ways in the story.For example, when the three ruffians were chasing Merlin, Arthur came to Merlin's side and protected him.With that, Arthur showed his Loyalty to Merlin. The tenet of loyalty was also present in Merlin.Merlin illustrated loyalty in more than one way.When King Pellinore was about to kill Arthur, with a purpose of saving Arthur's life, Merlin cast a sleeping spell on King Pellinore.During the jousting with King Pellinore, Arthur broke his magical sword, which prevailed him as the future king.Merlin saw that Arthur would receive a new sword.With that, Merlin took Arthur to the Lady of the Lake and Arthur obtained the powerful Excalibur.Finally Merlin, as Arthur's guardian, warned Arthur not to fight King Pellinore again. The importance of loyalty is many times overlooked.Only through loyalty can trust be built on.Without the concept of trust, the world as a whole would not be able to function very well.We, as people, have it in our hearts to help each other.In order to help one another, people need to have a connection of trust.If we did not have trust in each other, than people would never help each other.This all ties back to loyalty and without it the world is a darker place.
For foes were something Arthur could not live without.In order to exemplify class, Arthur treated many of his foes with generosity and kindness.In the story, Arthur did not attack King Pellinore when he had a ch…


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