Chile’s Market Reforms

Without doubt, the reform to the market of capitals of Chile, has given a new impulse him to our economy. 15 are the measures, that they intend to give greater transparency, tributary flexibility, dynamism and incentives him to our market that as much needed it. They are: 1, Effects of Commerce ; Permite to emit on credit smaller bonds to companies than by size do not have access to emit bonds of long term, paying only by once the tax of timbres and stamps, which simplifies to the inscription and acquisition of titles by the AFP’S. 2. Reduction of the tax on the interests for foreign investors ; Iguala the tax treatment of the interests gained in instruments of debt bought by foreigners independently of if the debt is emitted outside or within the country, allowing to companies that not described by size and that participate outside accede to new source of financing. 3, Short sale of Actions and Bonds ; Exime of the tax of gains of capital to this type of operations (renting of actions with high presence and bonds compromised in stock market until by the term of a year and allows a greater liquidity in the market, being a key ingredient for the sprouting of the derived financial product market. 4. Taxes of capital gains ; Elimina the tax the gains of capital for the actions of high stock-exchange presence, acquired after the 7 of November, which increases the liquidity and depth of the market. 5, Emergent stock market and Exemption of the tax to the capital gains ; Crea a new segment of stock market for emergent companies, companies with a high potential of growth, different requirements of information and exempts of the tax to the gains of capital by purchase of actions in this stock market by of 3 years, allowing an alternative form of financing. 6, Market of private positionings and figure of the investor described ; Crea market as deprived positionings, for described investors, allowing an …


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