child labour in the 19th cent.

Child Labour in the 19th Century

The abuse and misuse of children being exploited in jobs has to be put to an end.Children of this century are no longer treated as the beauties of the world but are viewed ascheaply paid workers. Some employers are paying low wages or no wages at all, while others force children to work excessive hours.If the exploitation is severe enough, permanent physical, psychological, intellectual, social and moral damage, even death can result. A heartless attempt to gain wealth is costing America its children. To attack child labour in America, the causes, the conditions and the laws must be radically addressed.
There are many reasons for America accepting child labour, the main cause being economic.Until now, the public has not been informed of the severity of the problem and have had no available statistics to inform people.During this time our strict puritan belief of hard work has justified the practice of child labour.As the number of factories has grown, the more people the factory ownersneed to tend to them.Since there is a lack of employers, they have to rely on the work of children.After the war when the South had fallen under the control of conservative Democrats, large social and economic problems remained.As the South was urged to build a new south and a solid industrial establishment, child labourers answered their calls. Atfirst most people believed that employing children was beneficial to the community because it kept adolescents out of trouble , gave them maturity and provided some extra money for their families.Considering that most adult employee have been replaced by children the working cycle has enlarged.The children of the poor are being forced by economic conditions to work.
Housing is needed to accommodate the over-flow of workers since they can't afford their own accommodations.They have no choice but to live incompany-owned housing built along wi…

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