cause of American revolution

At the end of the Seven Year's war or the French and Indian War, England became in dept. The solution to this problem was to make the colonist's pay.The English believed that should hold the responsibility of paying this burden because the war was fought for the colonists. Therefore, England passed a series of laws taxing these colonists. Little did England know that this act would lead the English and colonists pivoting to a revolution.
One of thefirst acts passed imposing taxes on the colonies was the Stamp Act. This act required that stamps be affixed on all newspapers, broadsides, pamphlets, licenses, leases, or other legal documents. The tax were to be paid in sterling, which the colonists had very little of. It was difficult for the colonists to pay this some of money. After the Seven Year's war, the colonists fell into economic depression. Those who did not pay this tax were tried in vice-admiralty courts without juries. The colonists were fearful this law since the judge will likely rule in favor of the English crown. The act mostly impacted those of the business class, including journalists, lawyers, and clergymen.
Angry mobs gathered at residences of customs officials and displayed their opposition for the Stamp Act by destroying their homes. The mobs were composed of painters, distillers and other artisans. They called themselves the Loyal Nine. When these incidents became more common, a group of prominent men organized themselves into the Sons of Liberty. They wanted to demonstrate their enmity for the act in less violent ways. They gained much attention for their rallies. In the winter of 1765, representatives of Colonial legislatures gathered in New York to draft a petition repealing the Stamp Act.
Soon some leading formed non- importation associations. Following the non-trade with England, trade fell dramatically in the colonies. Finally, in 1766, the stamp Act was repealed. The effects of non-impor…


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