Catherine II

Catherine II was a very important and quite vital part of Russia's history. If it had not been for Catherine the Great that particular country would no doubt still be ruins. During her reign she managed to turn Russia from economically poor, nearly third world country that it was into a mapped, wealthy, productive, and modernized country.
Catherine started the turning around of Russia very soon after her coronation in September of 1762. As Russia was primarily agricultural she decided to use this as a way of gaining the country wealth. And, upon deciding that improvement techniques were vital, she sent experts out to study various soils and propose suitable crops for specific areas. Also she used England as an example for ways of farming and allowed grants for farmers to learn those ways as well as but English inventions built for better farming. With this she encouraged modern methods of breeding animals such as: cattle, sheep, and even horses. Soon she came to the realization that more workers were needed under populated areas, therefore advertising in foreign newspapers, mostly German, that there was attractive terms and an invitation to come. Soon thousands came to the developing country.
Next her mind looked toward mining, so she sent geologists to find some of Russia's hidden ores. At some point in time, she found thefirst School of Mines in St. Petersburg; complete with an underground mine to train in. During this whole time she only had her mind on the good of Russia, and the expansion of it. She gave permission to anyone to start a new factory, except in either of the two capitals, which were already overcrowded. Soon as it was common for a has-been peasant to be running a whole textile plant, many of the other industries started to emerge. Industries such as: pottery, linen, leather goods, and furniture. With this explanation she sent for experts to help setup more sophisticated ventures. And turning again …


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