Joseph Heller lived a long and prosperous life, throughout his 76 years he divided his time as a writer, teacher, and air force bombardier in World War II.He wrote a lot of books including some of his most famous; Something Happened, Good as Gold, Picture This, and Closing Time.Hisfirst, most remembered, and popular novel was Catch-22.Catch-22 is closely related to his experiences in the Air Force during the Second World War.
Catch-22 is a war novel that is grotesque, cynical, and funny all at once. The story is based around the main characters events and feelings during the Second World War.The main character is a soldier named Yosarian who hates the war.He has a desire to live and be free, but is unable to do so because of the constraints that bureaucracy places on him.The war is no place for him and he feels like everyone is trying to kill him. Yosarrian just wants to go home, but he is constantly being thrown into brutal combat missions, where his safety is of no concern.His colonels are also continually raising the amount of missions that the members of the squadron are required to fly before given a dispatch home.Yosarian is forced into this brutal war and fights to stay alive and one day be free.The Story forms around Yosarian and the reader sees the gruesome war through his eyes.For example you see that Yosarian's view towards war was obviously changed because of the death of his friend Snowden, who died in his arms on one of his missions.This haunts him and is part of the reason Yosarian lost all desire to participate in the war.
Yosarian tries to get out of war in many ways.He spent a lot of time in the hospital faking illnesses and injury.For example in the opening chapter of the story Yosarian is in a Italian hospital pretending that something is wrong with his liver.Yosarian also pleas insanity, when he comes across a military law known as Catch-22. Catch-22 can …

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