Underground burial was common practice among ancient Mediterranean cultures,
and therefore archeologist find underground burial tunnels in Egypt, Greece and many other
Mediterranean lands.Catacombs were mostly built for memorial services and internment
of the dead”(Catacombs1).There were a lot of uses for catacombs such as burial, celebration
of martyrs, and celebration of the deceased persons of each family.
There were two types of people who used the catacombs as burial grounds for
their dead."When Christianity was being preached in Rome by Peter and Paul, there already
there already existed in the pagan and Jewish catacombs"(History1)The Romans Catholics
used cremation atfirst then switched over to the underground burial.Then the Christians
followed shortly after the Roman Catholics.The Christians did not follow pagan customs
because it involved cremation. The Christians preferred burial, just as Christ was. They felt they
had to respect the bodies that one day would rise from the dead."Over the years there were
as much as sixty catacombs found near and in Rome. There were approximately one million Christian tombs discovered alone." (History 1)
The catacombs were originally made for burial.The main religious groups at that
time that usedthem were the Roman Catholics and the Christians.The catacombs were
also used rarely for refuge when they had battles or wars. The opposing forces did not want to
invade the burial ground. It was thought to be very bad luckto disturb the dead.They were
afraid the spirits of the dead would haunt them.They also used the catacombs for anniversaries
of the martyrs and the other dead. Martyrs means somebody who chooses to
die rather than deny religious or political beliefs.
The catacombs were tunnels that expanded into smaller or larger tunnels or burial
places.There were rooms for all the dea…


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