A long time ago there was a period in time where kings ruled and knights did their bidding.This time was the Middle Ages.The Middle Ages took their effect in the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth century.During this time kings and lords built large forts to protect their strongholds.Although, they were more than just forts.They were giant buildings of war.These buildings were called castles.
Developed in the ninth century, castles were used by kings and lords to fortify their strongholds.They usually had a pit dug all the way around the castle and then filled with water.These pits were called moats.Castles had drawbridges that could be lowered to allow someone or groups of people to cross the moats to get into the castle.Although, once in side the walls does not make you in the stronghold.The stronghold was where the king or lord lived and was the main building or structure.The Castle was just a large wall around the stronghold.It would seem that if the castle was attacked all they would have to do would be to raise the drawbridge.But people developed devises to get around the bridges.What they would do is put down these temporary bridges to the drawbridges.The devises were large trees that had cut down and had the leaves and branches taken off.People slammed these trees into the drawbridges to nock it down.The walls of castles could be fr!
om five to even twenty feet thick in some places.The purpose of this was to defend from explosives.
So, as you can tell from my essay, castles were great buildings of power and war.It took a lot to take out a castle, but it did happen.In fact, many castles were taken out and defeated.


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