bush clinton synopsis

William Jefferson Clinton, by far the MOST controversial President of our Time
On January 20, 1993, our current presiding president, William J. Clinton was sworn into office. For the past six years, one of the most flamboyant presidencies has been lived out and still continues to this very day. In the eyes of some Bill Clinton has been a savior to the United States, while others openly consider him the Anti-Christ. Either way, he has put us all on the track we are on now.
Bill'sfirst changes were to be made right here in the US. Domestic changes included the lengthening of un-paid sick leave in the work force to 12 weeks. This allowed anyone ill or childbearing to comfortably pace themselves before returning to work. Another domestic change took place in the military. President Clinton decided to lift the ban dis-allowing gays in the military. Though a great positive step forward, it was met with heavy opposition. Thus Clinton decided to implement a "Don't' Ask, Don't Tell" policy pertaining to sexual preferences of those enlisted in the armed forces.
Aside from his domestic policies, Clinton reaffirmed the US as a missionary nation by aiding the small country of Somalia. With the goal of erasing famine and settling and political coups, Clinton sent both US and UN troops to Somalia. Once the domestic warring and overall famine had diminished, US troops were withdrawn and UN troops remained only until 1995.
Again Clinton portrayed the US as a "Helping Hand" nation when we airdropped both food and supplies to refugees fleeing Rwanda after a wave of repression and public massacre overtook the nation. Also noted would be the Bosnia/Serbia conflict. When the two nations began to go to war, Clinton again stepped in and acted as a buffer while the two nations participated in peace talks.
Though William J. Clinton is over-all a Good president, his own personal matters always s


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