Buenos Aires

The region now known Buenos Aires had outgrown Spain's political and economic domination in 1776. By May 25, 1810 a revolution broke out because of the discontent with Spanish interference. Soon in 1816 it led to an independence from Spanish rule. Independence revealed the furious regional discrepancies which Spanish rule had blocked out. Conservative landowners that were supported by the gauchos and rural working class were the Federalist of the interior. The Federalist mainly advocated provincial autonomy.The cosmopolitan city dwellers who welcomed the injection of European capital, immigrants and ideas were the Unitarists of Buenos Aires. The Unitarists upheld Buenos Aires' central authority. After the era of rule by Federalist Juan Manuel Rosas, a new period of growth and prosperity was growing with the Unitarist constitution of 1853.
Foreign investment and trade were hallmarks of the new liberalism due to European immigration. The Pampas was given over to the cultivation of cereal crops, and sheep were introduced. A foreign interest is the road to growth with in the economy. Like wise as the Europeans invested their time in trade and investment then British should too invest their time as much as the Europeans. Argentina remains a safe destination for travelers and from my perspective it was very much so.
Despite the many corruptions that occurred in Argentina, the challenge now is to pull itself out of the hole and avoid further chaos. The past is behind us and the future is ahead which our focus is where it needs to be.
The other major Latin American states I visited were also Mexico. The most appealing aspect to Mexico is its advantage to the Mexican economy. Mexico is one of the world's most strategically positioned countries. It's on a northern border with the U.S. and the southeast with Belize and Guatemala. Mexico faces the fast growing markets of the Pacific Rim on one coastline, while on the …


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