"Does Buddhism differ from Hinduism on issues other than caste?"
Buddhism and Hinduism are very similar in many ways, but differ in that Buddhists were encouraged to detach themselves from desires and wants while Hindus were encouraged to pursue things such as sexual, social, and physical pleasure.
Some members of the Buddhist religion were known as Ascetics and would starve themselves in order to overcome desire. Week after week, these extremists would wither away and all in the name of their spirituality. Siddhartha Gautama, later known as Buddha, or "The Enlightened One" went through these trials . He laid under a tree for 49 days meditating, until he felt he reached his goal of shirking desire."…despite attempts from of armies ofMara, "the evil one", the divine lord of the Realm of Desire…" (A71) he perservered and succeeded. From brahmin to pupil, the idea that desire is the cause and origin of suffering continued to branch out to many people. An end to wanting things will bring an end to sadness and pai, and in my mind, this equates to if one doesn't want to be let down, don't want anything. If the standards are high, or if there are any standards at all, then there will be a let down. Buddhists disconnect themselves from everything in relation to joy because if one can be happy then it can also be taken away, and if it can be taken away it must not be needed.
Hindus are very much allowed to want things that are not necesities in life. They believed that if one was active in the world and participated in how things happen, they'd be promised Salvation. If one lived a noble life and obeyed moral laws they wouldbe rewarded. Hindus are even encouraged to attain economic happiness, something that would be looked down upon by the Buddhists. Rebirth was an obstacle to the Hindus. They wanted to live happy, successful, pleasing lives, but did not wish to…


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