brit and patriot soldiers

Red Dawn at Lexington is a book that tries to present different points of view of the Revolutionary War. Even though it is non-fiction, the book reads like a novel and that is how Birnbaum intended it to be.
Red Dawn…. begins by describing a British soldier’s journey with his family by ship to Boston, in the American colony of Massachusetts. It goes on to describe the hardships the British soldiers endured during their stay in Boston. This was because many of the colonists were no longer supporters of Britain being in control of the colonies. They didn’t like that the British soldiers were there to keep an eye on them, and they made this very obvious.
The book talks about the mounting tensions between the whigs and the soldiers, and how some members of the British parliament were trying to help the colonies. Birnbaum goes on to describe how General Gage chose to attack the towns of Lexington and Concord. Gage sent out spies to check out different areas around Boston. These spies were to survey the towns or villages and make up maps. Although there was usually trouble concerning the expeditions of the spies,(townspeople frequently spotted them entering the homes of loyalists, etc..) many of the spies’ missions were successful.
There is also a chapter concerning the states of the British and colonial armies in Concord preparing for the fight there. This chapter describes the events leading up to Paul Revere’s famous ride, and William Dawe’s role in the ride. The book also gives new evidence and testimonies as to who fired “the shot heard ’round the world.” The excerpts of testimonies given by many witnesses lead to the conclusion that it was the militia-men who fired thefirst shot, but that is still being debated over to this day.
Even though the colonial army suffered more losses at the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the unwounded men quickly regrouped. More and more militias began sending troops to support the coloni…


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