Black Panther Party

In 1966, the national Black Panther party was created. Their platform and it’s ideals struck a chord with blacks across the country, especially in the inner cities of the north. The Panthers were able to organize and unite these blacks. This alarmed the federal government.They instituted many controversial, illegal programs of harassment, infiltration, and instigation, which led to the deaths of many Panthers.From their inception, the Black Panthers were treated with disdain and contempt.The Panthers wrote out a platform called “What We Want, What We Believe.” Their ideas and methods appealed greatly to blacks.The past few years had seen the civil rights struggle rise, and had left many blacks with the feeling that not enough was being accomplished. Many Blacks shared the view of the Panthers in that violence was needed to defend themselves until true equality could be achieved. Aside from being militant, the Panthers did things that helped the community.They set up breakfast, and helpedpeople to clean up their neighborhoods.The Black Panthers gave many urban black communities a sense of unity and identity that they hadn’t had before.The Panther’s rhetoric of violence alarmed the government.In March of 1968, the Panther newspaper printed this warning to police, “Halt in the name of humanity!You shall make no more war on unarmed people.You will not kill another black person and walk on the streets of the black community to gloat about it and sneer at the defenseless relatives of your victims.From now on, when you murder a black person in this Babylon or Babylons, you may as well give it up because we will get your ass and God can’t hide you.”1 This gave the government cause for alarm, and they stepped up their “efforts”accordingly.The government went through great lengths to keep up the status quo.They began campaigns of disinformation against the Panthers i…


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