Black panther party

„&laquo young black men and women donning black berets, shiny boots and guns might be the way many remember the Black Panther Party.
„&laquo But behind the militant image and revolutionary language stood a group of individuals frustrated with police brutality, intent on uniting their communities and fighting racism in all forms.
„&laquo The Black Panther Party and its ideas appealed to many blacks
„&laquo The Panthers began programs that included tutoring children, sickle cell anemia testing, breakfast programs and free medical care clinics, Abdulhaqq said.
„&laquo One of the more controversial parts of their approach were the guns Panthers strapped themselves with
„&laquo They were trying to police the police
„&laquo Although the Panthers had the right to bear arms, the guns along with Panther revolutionary plans quickly obtained the attention of the FBI.
„&laquo Then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover called the Black Panther Party Public Enemy No. 1 and the most active and dangerous black extremist group in the United States.
„&laquo The Panthers began to dissolve as police raids, gun battles, IRS investigations, trials and prison terms decimated their ranks
„&laquo With many Party leaders in jail or exiled in the late 1970’s, the Party disintegrate in the late 1970s.
; The BPP advocated black self-defense and restructuring American society to make it more politically, economically, and socially equal
; Both Newton and Seale were influenced by the black Muslim leader, Malcolm X
; Panther leaders saw themselves as revolutionary nationalists, who wanted all revolutionaries, regardless of race, to unite. They disparaged Karenga as a cultural nationalist who placed too much emphasis on racial unity. The escalating verbal battles between the two groups culminated in a gun battle in January 1969 at the University of Californi…


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