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The Muslims dominated many parts of the world during the time period of early 600's to the 1900's including parts of Asia, Europe, and North Africa. Islam and Christianity were major Religions back then and still are today. Both of these religions spread the word of their religion and many techniques and discoveries. Many of their characteristics of both religions helped shape the world we live in now.
Islam began in the 600 – 700's in early day Mecca. Islam religion was spread into parts of Northern Africa, India, Baghdad, Iran, Iraq and many other parts of Europe and Asia. Now most of the world practices this. The religion of Islam's was spread through many ways. The most common way was through Warfare. But it was also spread through Cultural diffusion and trade. Through spread the religion after a while Muslims populated 1/3 of the world.
The founder of the Islamic religion is Muhammad. Muhammad was born in Mecca around 750. Muhammad was the Prophet of the Islam world. He brought many teachings, encompassing political and social as well as religious principles that became the basis of the Islamic world, and had vast influence on World History. Muhammad belonged to the clan of Hashim, a poor but respected branch of prestigious and influential tribe of Quraysh. Muhammad was known as Al – Amain in English known as " the trusted one". One day Muhammad went down to Mecca to meditate and pray for guidance. During this travel he experienced a vision from the archangel Gabriel. The vision said that Muhammad is the prophet of God. Muhammad's friend Ali was Muhammad'sfirst follower; he began to preach in public, reciting the verses of his revelation that became known as the Quran. Throughout the years people started to disobey Muhammad. In 622, Muhammad was faced with murder; Muhammad soon responded and went on a journey known as the Hijra.This was considered at the turning point i…


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