William Henry Gates III was born in Seattle, Washington, in 1955. “Bill” was called “Trey” by his father, since “Trey” means three. Trey was always smart, and always loved even the earliest computers he could get his hands on. He went to a public school atfirst, and made a few friends there. He was pushing all the school had to offer to the limits, until his parents decided to send him to a private school. He atfirst didn’t like the idea, but shortly after decided to go. The new school he went to, called “Mothers’ Club,” was where he got his hands on hisfirst computer. The mothers decided to have a rummage sale. The proceeds were used to buy a computer terminal, and buy computer time for the students. Trey said he has always been grateful for the computer bought, especially in the ’60s, since computers were such an unusual thing to get at that time. The All through his teens, Trey as “rebelling” against his mother. He did everything his own way. He was always ! hard to get along with, unless he had at least some control. That was, as I have read about him, the way his personality was. He went to a psychologist for a few years, because his mother refused to give in to Bill’s “rebellion.” The psychologist just insisted that she must give in, because he couldn’t help it, that was just the way he was. Bill wrote hisfirst computer program, a version of tic tac toe, when he was only 13 years old! The way it worked was where each time you made a move on the keyboard, the extremely loud printer came out with the results slowly after each move. Although a 5 minute tic tac toe game could take as long as 2 hours, the kids at school, including Bill and his best friend, Paul Allen, liked it anyway since it was so extraordinary to be using what they actually made themselves. Bill and Paul were always best friends, and they were both very interested in computers. Paul was about four years older than Bill. When Bill went to college, in Ha! rv


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