bill of rights

The English and American Bill of Rights are similar and different in many ways, their main fall off from one another is their background and main intentions that were used in these documents.The English Bill of Rights like the American had certain rules or laws that were used, but these laws were mainly for royalty specifically the king and queen.Their power, although extremely high, was to be reduced dramatically for the sake of the people and the country.To be even more specific its main purposes was to put prohibition against arbitrary suspension against parliaments laws, and most importantly to limit the right to raise money through taxation to parliament.This bill wasfirst given and accepted by King William III and Queen Mary signaling the end of the concept of divine rights to the king.
The American Bill of Rights mainly focused on the people of the United States explaining and showing to them their rights as an American citizen.The backgrounds and how they were brought up were somewhat different but both Bills have very similar qualities to them.For example Amendment eight in the U.S. constitution is also the same in the English Bill of Rights.Also the right to a militia and quartering soldiers are present in both.A main difference that sticks out is that in America people have the right to freedom of speech of political people or parties while in the English version the freedom of speech can only be used in parliament and not out.The similarities and differences are both very close and far apart.


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