Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini, the Fascist dictator of Italy from 1922 to 1943. He centralized all power in himself as the leader of the Fascist party and attempted to create an Italian empire, ultimately in alliance with Germany. The defeat of Italian arms in World War 2 brought an end to his imperial dream and led to his downfall.
Benito had a miserable young life who then made his future adult life positive. He had hoped that WWI would lead to a collapse of society that would bring him to power.He knew that he needed to gain the Italians support and he introduced fascism. To the Italians it was a symbol of order and strength.It was a great number of people together, which was stronger then what it was in the previous years.He was also, to the Italians, the leader who would get them out of the Depression.Mussolini knew how to make the voting class forget about the strength they had.He also threatened to make Italy ungovernable through violence unless he was promoted the Prime Minister.Mussolini made Italy a strong fascist state that stoodbehind him.
He knew how to use propaganda, he knew how to use the media to promote fascism and himself.Like Hitler, he used propaganda to gradually build himself up as a legend who was always right and could solve all of Italy's problems.He took control of everything from who wrote in newspapers to what children learned in school. Mussolini made Italy dependent on him, like Hitler did with Germany. Anyone who didn’t feel this way about him was killed.He had strong aggressive nationalism and made it a must have to be a good fascist.
Benito Mussolini took advantage of political, social, and economic crisis in Italy in order to put himself in the position of unchallenged power.It is apparent that, being a fascist, Mussolini needed to get complete control of everything and wanted to be the best dictator.This need and his aggressive nationalism made him hungry to get what …


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