Before the Mayflower

An article "Before the Mayflower" goes into a discussion of development of racism in Europe and Americas. I shall use the facts provided by the author and the concepts of Marxism to analyze and dissect the origins of racism in Americas and Europe.
With the discovery of Africa by Europeans a new era began in European trade. It was very profitable to trade with a newly discovered nation since they possessed many products wanted by European traders and would sell them cheaply for the goods they've never seen before. Africans were royal and noble people who didn't see themselves inferior to Europeans nor did Europeans see Africans inferior in any way. It's interesting to see that Europeans saw Africans superior in some trades, an example of one would be agriculture, which was better developed in Africa than Europe.
Religion found its way to Africa as well. Many preachers turned their steps onto a "black" continent in order to spread god's word.Many members of African tribes did turn into Catholicism and held important offices in Vatican.
Many Africans were servants, military men, traders and scholar in Europe. They participated in discovery and exploration of the New World after its discovery by Columbus.
Africans moved into Americas with their masters. It was commented by Washington Irving that "These negroes, like the monks of the Dark Ages, engross all the Knowledge of the place, and being infinitely more adventurous and more knowing than their masters, carry on all the foreign trade…" Majority of Negroes came to Americas as indentured servants.Like their white comrades, they didn't see a difference between being black and white indentured servant. They were rigidly accepted by white people and interracial marriages were common. Blacks had all the rights of whites, they were free after certain amount of years working for the master, could accumulate property, and…


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