Before the Civil War

The Dred Scott decision announced by Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney, 79, March 6 enrages abolitionists and encourages slaveowners. The fugitive slave Dred Scott claim freedom on the ground that he resided in free territory, but the court rules that his residence in Minnesota Territory does not make him free. Mentioned that the Congress never had the authority to ban slavery in the territories, a ruling that in effect calls the Missouri Compromise of 1820 unconstitutional. Supreme Court declares in Scott v. Sandford that blacks are not U.S. citizens, and slaveholders have the right to take slaves in free areas of the county. Excerpts from Dred Scott Decision, “But there are two clauses in the Constitution which point directly and specifically to the Negro race as a separate class of persons, and show clearly that they were not regarded as a portion of the people or citizens of the Government then formed.

Steven Douglas was interested in organizing the territory across the states. He was interested in making a route through for his continental railroad. Kansas made good territory for growing cotton and of course slavery. But under the terms of the Missouri Compromise, Douglas? bill had been rejected once by the Senate. So in January 1854, he had introduced a revised bill to the Senate that he will allow slavery in that region. It had attracted supporters from the South. The South controlled the congress of the US. And on 1854, Kansas opened up. And thousands rushed there, such as the free soilers, abolutionist and also Southerners (Slave holders)and land was given to the people. Because of the Kansas Nebraska Act the Missouri Compromise was openly repealed. Abolutionist and free soilers from the North were outraged by the Act that it will give the power to slave owners and the expansion of slavery.

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The Lecompton Constitution was designed to bring Kansas into the United States as a slave state. Many Americans …


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