before 1865

Brooke Massa Massa 1
American Civilization to 1865
October 18, 1999

Nationalismfirst emerged as the Colonists became more and more Democratic. Some argue
that Democracy had always existed in the colonies, but didn't begin to emerge until around the
beginning of "The Enlightenment".I believe that Nationalism was present during the
Revolutionary Era, but then faded again, adding fuel to the fire during the Civil War.Colonists
exhibited all the aspects of Nationalism.They had a shared sense of cultural identity, a goal of
political self determination, and the overwhelming majority shared a loyalty to a single national

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Colonists were thousands of miles from the king, the parliament, and Great Britain, this led to
a new way of life.While many aspects of colonial society were taken directly from that of
England society, they also formed new beliefs and customs as they saw fit. The
Enlightenment "Helped produce a growing interest in education and a heightened concern with
politics and government." (Brinkley pg. 85)With this rise of intellectual curiosity also came
the rise of literacy and technology within the colonies.The literacy rates rose and more and
more people had readily avaliable texts.The invention of the printing press led to an influx of
printed material, much of which delt with politics.Books, pamphlets, and almanacs all were
used in expressing the political ideas of many of our great early politicians."One reason the
Stamp Act created such a furor in the colonies was because printing technology-and thus print
itself-had by then become central to colonial life.

Massa 2
The colonies, like any nation, wanted to be self-sufficient, but due to the fixed amount of
wealth, this was impossible unless they obtained an outside source of income.Mercantilism
was a essential part of colonial society, the demand for impor…


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